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Whoo contest is up!! Point & Art Prizes!!! 

2 deviants said 1st place gets 50 points, 2 Digital Halfbodies (Shaded) 2 Customs (Or if you don't want customs 2 Flat color fullbodies with simple background) Watch (Or +5 Points if I already do 3 Traditional Headshots AND A pagedoll (Pixel or not, you decide Cx)
1 deviant said Ends June 9th!
No deviants said 2nd Place gets 25 Points 1 Digital Halfbody (Shaded) 1 Headshot (Flat Color) 1 Custom (Or if you don't want a custom, a flat color fullbody) 1 Icon (Pixel or Non-Pixel) 1 Pagedoll (Pixel or non-pixel)
No deviants said 3rd Place will be added if 10 people join : D
No deviants said Not judged on quality of art, but the concept of the art (So it's fair!!)

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